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Craft Items

MDF Shapes and Designs 
(Online catalog available using the WWW. link below)
MDF Catalog Link          MDF Star    MDF Key
Size shown is subject to change.

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(Work in progress)

Craft Wood
Wood or MDF shapes that act as a wonderful foundation to build upon. Just use your imagination and cut, glue, paint and stack (or more) to create your own work of art!

Picture Hangers and associated items.

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(Work in progress)

Craft Hardware
Assorted functional and decorative craft hardware and accessories. (Those finishing touches to your creation!)

Decorative Cabinet Hardware Brands.

Berenson Brand Hardware 
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  Berenson Catalog Link        Berenson Advantage Grouping Display        Web page Link
  Catalog            Display                 with MSRP
                           Boards of
                           Advantage Items

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(Work in progress)

Berenson offers a wide variety of high quality styles in todays colors.

Jeffery Alexander / Elements
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Both Decorative and Function Items.
Jeffery Alexander / Elements Catalog
      Hardware Resources Full Line Catalog   Wood Product Catalog  Jeffery Alexander / Elements Web Site       
Decorative       Master          Wood         Web Site -     
Catalog            Catalog         Products    All Items
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Jeffery Alexander
The Jeffery Alexander designers stay on top of the pulse of the hardware industry and come put with new and innovative designs on a regular basis.

From the makers of the Jeffery Alexander series, Elements offers a stylish grouping of designs that help keep the pocket book in mind without sacrificing the quality you deserve.

JVJ Hardware

JVJ Catalog        JVJ Hardware Web Site
Email for Info.

Laurey Hardware

Laurey Hardware Catalog        Laruey Hardware Web Site
Catalog             Website

Pride Logo

Both Decorative and Functional Item.
Volume based Brand.
Quantity Requirements.

Pride Web page link
Web site

Email for information.

RK International

RKI Catalogs    RKI 2008 Addendum    RKI 2012 Addendum    RKI Web Site
2006             2008 Add      2012 Add.
Catalog         Catalog          Catalog

Top Knobs

Top Knobs Catalog      Top Knobs Web Site
Top Knobs      Top Knobs
Catalog           Web Site

A few other brands that are available.  More information will be available in the coming weeks.

Atlas Homewares

Atlas Homewares
On line catalog.

Both Decorative and Functional Item.

Volume based Brand.
Quantity Requirements.

 Decorite Catalog       

MNG Hardware

MNG Hardware

Commercial Items, Information by Category of available and Stocked items.

European Style Hinges
Euro Hinge

Drawer Slides

Trash Can Pull Out Options

Lazy Susan and other convenience items.

Sanding and Abrasives
Sanding Disks       Sanding Belts

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Functional Items
This page is a grouping of functional items such as hinges, drawer slides and other similar items. Freight policies are different for items in this category.

Cabinet Lighting:

LED Puck and Strip Lighting file (PDF)

Cabinet Lighting - Puck Lighting - Strip Lighting
Cabinet Lighting

Door Knobs and Builders Hardware

Pamex - Locks and Builders Hardware

Established in 1985, Pamex Inc. is a
manufacturer of builder's hardware. We provide residential and commercial door locks, bath accessories, door hardware and hospitality accessories to the residential and multi-family industry.

Catalog Link                   Promax General Catalog                  Pamex Web Site
Pamex Current Catalog       Promax Current Catalog       Pamex Web Site

Locks and Builders Hardware.

     Pamex Tri Fold Post Link  Pamex Lever Set options  
Tri Fold Poster Link.  Summary of Product.

Goldberg Brothers Barn Door Hardware       Goldberg Barn Door Tracks

Barn Door Hardware
 Barn Door Track Brochure                 Goldberg Brothers Barn Door Track Hardware
 Barn Door Track                            Goldberg Brothers Site

Emtek Door and Cabinet Hardware

Emtek Hardware summary

Quality materials and workmanship and innovative design have made Emtek a leader in residential door and cabinet hardware.

Door preparations for Emtek hardware.

Product Features such as mechanical design, materials and esthetics.

Deltana Architectual Hardware

General High quality builders hardware.

Deltana Architectural hardware / DoralLock Locksets

Doral Lock LogoClick here to see many of the styles targeting the residential market.

General Items and Screw information

Famowood    Website Link

E6000    Web Link

Goop Logo     Web Link

Screws and Fasteners used in the cabinet and furniture industry.

Face Frame Screws
Installation screws
Hinge Screws
Drawer Front Screws
Assembly screws

Email for details.